Hot Stock Truck Class Rules

Hot Stock Truck Class

1. Truck Body and Chassis requirements

1.1. Chevy, ford, dodge or International ½ ton or Ύ ton full size trucks only.

    1.1.1. Short or long wheelbase allowed.

    1.1.2. 1955 to present year models permitted.

    1.1.3. Foreign trucks are not allowed.

1.2. Truck must remain stock appearance.  Any truck with an aftermarket body must carry a stock

      appearing front end or nose.

1.3. Frame must be stock and match make and model of truck.

1.4. Front wheel wells may be removed.

1.5. Body sheet metal must be kept in place.

1.6. Tailgate is required and must be welded shut.

 1.6.1. Riveted skins are allowed.

1.7. Race ready minimum weight is 3500 lbs. for trucks using 360 ci engines.

1.8. Minimum wheelbase is 115’ ( no more than 1” tolerance, side to side)

   1.8.1. Cutting and welding long bed frame to make short bed will be allowed, but must be plated over

    welded cut and pass tech approval.  Call tech for advise.

2. Engine

2.1. GM truck must have GM engine, Ford have Ford engine, etc.

 2.1.1. Stock production blocks only.  NO high performance.

 2.1.2. Hydraulic or solid camshaft must match make and model of engine block being used.  Maximum valve lift of .480 or 17” of vacuum @ 1000 rpm.

 2.1.3. Pistons must be OEM stock or replacement flat top design with zero 0.00” deck clearance minimum. 360 Chrysler engine must remain .020 below deck surface.  If replacement pistons are used, pistons must be spec OEM style.

2.1.4. Steel or cast crankshaft with stock for ci engine being used.  NO off center ground cranks.  No lightweight racing cranks.

2.1.5. OEM stock connecting rods must be used for ci engines being used.  ( 3505.7 rod) NO aluminum rods.  NO lightweight rods.  NO after market rods.  NO OEM high performance rods.  NO  grinding/polishing on rods.

2.1.6. Engines may be balanced.

2.1.7. After market water pumps are permitted, but must remain in stock location and be powered by crankshaft pulley.

2.1.8. After market harmonic balancer optional.

2.1.9. Circle track oil pan, crank scraper, windage tray allowed.

2.1.10. GM setback, no more than #1 spark plug in line with ball joint.  Any other check with tech for weight penalty.

2.2. Cylinder Heads

2.2.1. Any cast iron cylinder head,  Minimum combustion chamber volume is 60cc.  Absolutely no less.

2.2.2. No aluminum.  NO Ford Boss. NO Chrysler w-2.

2.2.3. NO porting and or polishing of heads.

2.2.4. Heads may be gasket matched no more than 3/8” W x 3/8” D.

2.2.5. Bronze guides or liners, screw in studs, pinned studs, stud girdles and  guide plates are allowed.

2.3. Valve Train

2.3.1. Hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifters only.  NO roller lifters.  Bleed down lifters are allowed.  NO modification of lifter bores allowed.

2.3.2. Stock ratio rocker arms for type/size of engine being used only.  Roller rockers are allowed 1.5 ratio only.

2.3.3. Maximum intake valve diameter is 2.02” for small block engines.

2.3.4. Maximum exhaust valve diameter is 1.6” for small block engines.

2.3.5. 3-angle valve grinding is permitted.

2.3.6. Stainless valves are allowed.

2.3.7. Gear drives or belt drives are optional.

2.4. Carburetor and Intake

2.4.1. Intake manifolds must be stock factory production units.  NO Brezezinski intakes allowed.

2.4.2. NO high performance or marine intake manifolds permitted.  No high rise.

2.4.3. NO porting or polishing of intake.  Plenum removal limited to 1” or less.

2.4.4. Intake may be gasket matched a max of 3/8” W x 3/8” D.

2.4.5. Only one carburetor is allowed.

2.4.6. Carburetor must be Holley #4412, 500cfm, 2bbl. STOCK .  Dimensions Top 1.375, Bottom 1.687. No modifications other than jet changes.  Will be checked with Go no-go gauge.  A $200.00 claimer placed on carburetor.

2.5. Ignition

2.5.1. Stock ignition system only.  After market components will be permitted only in stock placement/location.  No altered firing order.

2.5.2. Ford and Chrysler may use bolt on coils with OEM dimensions.

2.5.3. NO duel point or unilite distributors allowed.

2.6. Exhaust

2.6.1. Mufflers and tail pipes must be removed.

2.6.2. Any type headers are optional.

2.6.3. Exhaust pipes must be safely secured and routed away from engine and drivers compartment.  If pipe  goes through driver’s compartment it must be shielded to keep heat away from driver.  180 cross over headers must exit under truck, turned down.

3. Suspension and Rear End

3.1. Suspension must remain stock for make and model of truck.

3.2. Leaf or Coil springs may be used.

3.3. NO more than 2 shocks per wheel.

3.4. Lowering of truck for handling/roll over protection is permitted

 3.4.1. Rear leaf spring mounting brackets may be moved on the frame.  Proper  wheelbase must be

 3.4.2. Frame may be notched.  Additional boxing and or bracing may be needed and must pass tech approval.

3.5. Jack bolts are allowed

3.6. No spring sliders permitted.

3.7. Pan hard bars are optional and highly recommended.  Mandatory on coil spring suspension rear ends.

3.8. NO after market racing brake components.

3.9. Rear end must be ½ ton or Ύ ton Ford, Chevy or Dodge.

 3.9.1. Posi-trac, locked, or welded allowed.

 3.9.2. Rear end must be in stock location.

3.10. Spring from different makes may be used.  After market spring may be used if in stock placement.

NOTE Question about frame cutting notching and or suspension lowering contact track tech before you DO to make sure it will pass.

4. Transmission

4.1. Stock automatic or standard transmissions only.  NO gutted or lighted transmissions allowed.

 4.1.1. NO 5 speed, overdrives, or ram couplers.

4.2.Standard transmissions required to have blow proof bell housing.

4.3. Minimum clutch diameter is 10” must be steel fly wheel

 4.3.1. NO AMC 9” clutches. NO dog clutches.

4.4. Stall speed converters are permitted.

5. Wheels and Tires

5.1. Steel wheels only. 10” maximum width.

 5.1.1. After market wheels are allowed.

5.2. Bead locks are allowed.

5.3. Ύ ton truck may run 15: 8-hole spoke wheels.

5.4. Racing tires specified by Texana Raceway Park

 5.4.1. HOOSIER racing SPEC tires only.

5.5. Minimum tire tread width of 10”.  Maximum sectional width of 13.75”.

5.6. No mud or snow tires allowed.

5.7. Grooving is the only tire modification allowed.

 5.7.1. No more than 3/8” wide grooving.

 5.7.2. Absolutely no lug cutting.

6. Fuel

6.1. Racing fuel will be allowed.

Jan. 2008/Texana Raceway Park