Point System


1.1. All points will be held accountable by Texana Raceway Park personnel and will be distributed to race teams after the night's event, through the following week.

1.2. All points are considered unofficial until further compilations or reviews are made at Texana Raceway Park Office.

       1.1.2. Points are not final until all protest, inspections, black flags, and all other considerations are accounted for.

       1.2.2. Points deductions / penalties / bonuses will deduct from/add to previous race night's total as tallied.

1.3. All points protest are to be made with a letter written to Texana Raceway Park Office, where Texana Raceway Park personnel will handle them accordingly.



2.1. Texana Raceway Park utilizes a sliding 5 point descending scale.

       2.1.1. All heats will begin with 25 points.

       2.1.2. All features will begin with 100 points.

2.2. The field of vehicles will slide by 5 points in descending order from nearest above competitor until a floor of 5 points is achieved. All competitors below that mark will receive 5 points for given race.

       2.2.1. a vehicle is said to compete when vehicle enters track with intent to race.

       2.2.2. If race team shows on Texana Raceway Park grounds with intent to race and is unable to start any race in given class/division, race team will be awarded 5 points for said night.

2.3. A vehicle is set at placement upon completed lap under green. If vehicle exits while under yellow, vehicle will be placed at last completed lap.

Updated, January, 2008