Mini-Stock Class Rules

Mini-Stock Class

Mini Stock division will have a minimum age requirement of 13 years and a maximum age of 16 years.  Anyone who is not over the age of 16 years old on the date of the first practice, will be allowed to participate in the division for the entire season.  If you turn 17 during the season on any date after the first practice date, you will be allowed to participate in the division for the entire season.  You must bring a copy of your birth certificate for us to keep on file before you will be allowed to race. No Exceptions!

1.  Car and Chassis Requirements:

1.1. Any stock production 4 cylinder car or truck.

1.2. No convertibles

1.3. Only stock, stock, stock parts may be used no exceptions

1.4. Vehicles must remain stock appearance

1.5. Suspension must remain stock for make and model of vehicle.

1.6. No modifications allowed, no exceptions 

2. Engine

2.1. Engine must be stock, stock, stock for type and year of vehicle used (GM in GM; Ford in Ford, etc.)

    2.1.1. All major components must remain stock for car year ( crank, rods, heads)

    2.1.2. Engine size is limited to stock 4 cylinder for make and model.

    2.1.3. Stock cc on heads  no milling.

    2.1.4. No porting or polishing

    2.1.5. Pistons must be stock to match make of engine with no decking of block


    2.1.6. Carburetor must be  stock for year and make of engine being used.  No


    2.1.7. Stock intake.

    2.1.8. Stock cam for type and year of engine.

    2.1.9. Stock manifold or headers are allowed.

2.2. Stock ignition.

    2.2.1 carbureted fuel injected and turbo charged engines are allowed.  But must be

              stock and remain stock and must match year and make of vehicle.

    2.2.2 no after market brackets, adaptors or spacers are allowed.

3. Transmissions and Rear End

3.1. Stock automatic or standard.

3.2. Stock clutch and fly wheel and pressure plate only.

3.3. Stock automatic convertor only.

3.4. Stock rear end

3.5. Posi-trac ok.  Welded rear-end is allowed.

4. Wheels and Tires

4.1. Stock steel wheels only max of 8”.

4.2. Max tire with 8”

4.3. No grooving of tire.

4.4. 13” Hoosier racing tire is allowed.

Note: This division is designed for the kids to learn about racing and have fun.  Racing can be a lot of fun, let’s let the kids be kids….

Updated January, 2008