Texana Classic Dwarf Cars  


“2008” Officers



Mike Christians


Vice President

Frank Fruia



Sherri Christians



Tami Savage


Tech Crew

Easy Casey


Tech Crew

Gary Faris


Tech Crew

Donnie Hunt


Tech Crew

Victor Vargas


Club Promoter

Stewart Savage



“2008” Rules


1.         TUSA Rules apply with the exception of the following:


2.         1928 – 1948 American–made production vehicles (Sedans, Coupes, or Pickup Trucks) these are known as classic body styles (no mod-lites, classics only)


3.         Engines:

a)      Displacement maximum:  (1250 cc + 1%)

b)      In “2009” all motors must remain completely stock.  Any club member who raced their motor in “2008” that motor will also be legal in “2009” (all motor serial numbers will be recorded during the 2008 season)

c)      Carbureted motors will be legal to run flat slides in 2009

d)      No Port & Polish

e)      Hayabusa’s allowed (de-sleeved to 1250 cc)

f)       Power Commanders allowed

g)      Quick Change rear ends allowed

h)      Rear ends must be welded or spooled only (no Limited Slip)

i)        Carbureted or Fuel injected motors allowed

j)        No Turbo’s allowed

k)     No NOS allowed


4.         Dimensions:

a)      No car over 46” tall, top to ground.  Body height maximum 40”, bottom edge to top (including frame rail)

b)      Car must be constructed with a 1 x 2 rectangular steel tubing frame that goes from bumper to bumper

c)      Both sides of the frame need to be welded solid (under slung)

d)      60 ½” maximum width

e)      73” wheelbase (+/- 1 inch)

f)       1240 # minimum weight with driver after race (top 5 in the feature must go directly to tech, if not, they will be DQ’d)


5.         Minimum of 2 brakes, 3 recommended


6.         Tires & Wheels:

a)      Any brand of tires allowed with a minimum durometer of 40 cold

b)      Hoosier tires must be mediums (no softs allowed) Deleted  08/27/2008

c)      No pouring cold water, etc. on tires to duro 40

d)      If a tire needs to be replaced at any time after it has been checked you must notify the tech crew

e)      No grinding , softening, etc. allowed after tech crew has checked them

f)       Steel wheels only, 13” x 8”max. width, bead lock rims allowed


7.         Safety:

a)      Fire extinguisher B/C type required

b)      Fire suit, fireproof gloves, leather or fireproof shoes & neck collar required

c)      Hutchens device or equivalent recommended, but not required

d)      Car must be equipped with a 5 point safety harness, minimum of 3” belts, no more than 3 years old

e)      High-backed racing seat mandatory

f)       Mouth guard recommended, but not required


8.         No mirrors or 2-way radios allowed


9.         No pulling out of formation before the green on starts & re-starts (all cars must be in tight formation)


10.     Drivers must be 18 years of age with the exception of a 17 year old that has 1 year of previous racing experience

a)      The board has the authority to make a ruling on a case by case basis

b)      Rookies must start in the back of the field for the first 3 races


11.     Only club members will be entitled to the guarantee of $25 if they take the green in the heat all others must take the green in the feature


12.     Everyone will drop one home track (Edna, TX) points race and one out of town double points race during the season with the exception of being disqualified.  If DQ’d – no pay, no points


13.     Membership Information:

a)      Annual membership fee $25

b)      The club members elect the club officers

c)      The club members elect the tech crew

d)      Club rules are reviewed and voted on at the annual meeting

e)      Any rule changes require a 2/3 majority vote

f)       Any profit remaining from each racing season will be paid out to the top 3 points champions

g)      Membership is open to everyone, not just drivers



Revised 1/12/08

Posted 1/22/08