Demo Derby Rules

Demolition Derby

Entry Fee - $50.00 per car plus Pit Passes


Any American made stock automobile or station wagon. ( No Imperials)


All Drivers must wear Helmet and Seat Belt.


All drivers will remain in their cars until the Derby is over.


Original gas tank must be removed, a  6 gal (max) replacement must be secured and covered behind the driver in the rear seat area.


Battery may be relocated, but must be secured and covered.  


No tires larger than 15". max 8 ply - Mud grips OK.


Fans may be removed - Rear ends may be locked.


All glass & trim must be removed-no trailer hitches or frame bracing.


Driver protection cage is optional - must be fasten to body only.


Drivers Door may be reinforced - No intentional driver door hits.


Fenders maybe trimmed & motors chained.


All doors, hoods & trunks must be chained, wired or welded.


There must be a 10" inspection hole in both the hood & the trunk.


Radiator must remain in the stock position.


Bumpers must be chained, welded or wired to frame.


Driver must hit a running car every minute - inspection flag must be removed when car is



All entries will pass a pre-event inspection prior to competing. 


All vehicle protest will be made at drivers meeting.


There will  be NO  vehicle protests following the completion of the derby.


All vehicles must be removed immediately following the event.


July 7. 2006/Texana Raceway Park