Bomber Class

This class has been created as a fun, economical, entry-level racing class.  It is not a class to develop expensive race vehicles.  Its purpose and intent is to keep the vehicles original, stock inexpensive and easy for anyone to build and maintain.  This class is for beginners not for experienced drivers.  Depending upon how many years you have competed in this class and how well you have placed (1st through 3rd regularly), you may be asked to move up to another class.

1. Car Body And Chassis Requirements

1.1. Any stock production American- made passenger car, station wagon, El Camino, Ranchero, or

       pickup is acceptable.

1.2.  No convertibles, sport cars, suburban, or high performance vehicles.

1.3. No firebirds, Cameros, mustangs or similar cars.

1.4. Only stock-stock-stock parts may be used.

1.5. Race ready minimum weight is 3400 lbs. 360 ci max. 
*Updated 1/29/2007

    1.5.1. Quick steer will be allowed.

1.6. Vehicle must remain stock appearance.

1.7. Minimum wheelbase is 108”

1.8. Suspension must remain absolutely stock for make and model of vehicle.

     1.8.1. No modification permitted.  NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Engine

2.1. Engine must be stock for type and year of vehicle used. GM in GM, Chrysler in Chrysler, Ford in

      Ford etc…..

     2.1.1. All major components (block, crank, rods, ) must remain stock for type and year of engine.

    2.1.2. Engine size limited to small black only up to 360 ci.

2.2  1.5” springs only and 1.5” ratio rockers

2.3. NO aluminum heads.

2.4.  Screw in studs and or pinned are allowed. No other alterations.

     2.4.1.  Any cast iron head 72cc minimum NO EXCEPTIONS

    2.4.2. NO angle milling.

    2.4.3.  NO porting or polishing.  NO gasket matching.

2.5. Stock OEM dish or flat top 4 valve relief pistons only.        

    2.5.1. NO late model small ring (Vortec).

2.6. Carburetor may be stock 2 barrel of the same type and year engine was originally equipped with

       or Holly 4412 500 cfm to be checked with go no go gauge. Stock dimensions top 1.375,  bottom

       1.687.  $200.00 claimer will be placed on carburetor.

2.7. Stock intake manifold.

    2.7.1. No porting, polishing, or altering in anyway.

    2.7.2. No high performance or marine intake manifolds.

2.8.   Cam shaft must match make of engine being used.  Hydraulic or solid flat tappet lifters only. No

         roller lifters. No bleed down lifters.  No altered firing order.

    2.8.1. Engine must pull 18” of vacuum @ 1000 rpm.

2.9. Headers or Manifolds allowed.   No 180 headers.

2.10. Stock ignition systems.

3. Transmission and Rear End

3.1. Stock automatic transmission with stock operating converter or  Standard transmission allowed.
       Must have standard 12” fly wheel and pressure plate.

3.2. Stock rear end.

3.3. Posi-Trac (if year of vehicle was equipped) or welded rear ends are permitted.

4. Wheels and Tires

4.1. Steel wheels only with a max width of 10”.

    4.1.1. After market wheels are allowed.  Aftermarket wheels limited to standard weight wheels.  NO                lightweight wheels allowed.

4.2. Minimum tire tread width is 8
–maximum of 10”.  HOOSIER spec tire, track tire only !!!

If running street tire, no wider than 8" print on left and must have HOOSIER spec tire on right side

       of car. or 4 HOOSIER spec tires, track tire. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

    4.3.1. Racing tire specified by Texana Raceway Park.

4.4. Grooving is the only tire modification allowed.  Absolutely NO lug cutting.

    4.4.1. Maximum 3/8” wide grooving.

* Note:  This class is designed to be cheap-cheap and stock-stock.  If anything other than that is

            attempted you may be placed in the next class up.

Jan. 18 2007/Texana Raceway Park