Car Classes

Mini Stock Class

4 cylinder class for ages 13 to 18.   Stock motors with the same safety equipment used in other classes.


Dwarf Class

Powered by 4 stroke motor cycle engines.  A fan favorite, scaled down versions with bodies from the early 1930ís



Bomber Class

Designed as an entry level class.  Stock body cars with stock engine components.


Hot Stock Trucks Class

Truck body class modified motors.


Super Stock Class

Stock appearing or after marked bodies with several engine modifications, suspension enhancements and other racing parts.  Can be a stock front clip followed by tube chassis or complete stock frame.


Late Model Class

Full tube chassis.  Fabricated from the ground up as a full race car, with aftermarket aluminum bodies.


Limited Modified Class

Open wheel class with full frame chassis.   Limitations on engine enhancements with a focus on keeping the class affordable.



Modified Class

Open wheel class with stock front clip follow by tube chassis. Generally the fastest class at a track.